Robert Rodriguez

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If you’ve navigated to this page, then you must really want to know my story, and I hope you enjoy it.

At nineteen, I got my start in real estate as an assistant working for my aunt and uncle in Frisco, Texas. I took a leap of faith and moved to LA in 2007. The powers that be removed the proverbial safety net as I was in free fall looking for somewhere to land. What they’re now calling the “Great Recession”, which are primarily the years between 2008-2010, is when my career truly took off.

You either let problems, setbacks and tough markets crush you or define you. I got to work and started looking for problems to solve

Financially distressed and over leveraged homeowner’s were a large part of the market. We created a funnel to attract, capture, service, and negotiate with lenders on behalf of homeowners who needed to short sale their home.

My team’s sole responsibility was to generate listings for the 80+ agents at the company. I was directly responsible for listing over 400 short sales in the span of a few years. As the market began to exit the doldrums, I branched out with my own team and signed with Keller Williams Hollywood Hills from 2010-2012 while there I also served on their Agent Leadership Council.

In 2012, I was engaged and enlisted by Teles Properties where I enjoyed five years of growth. After Douglass Elliman acquired the firm in the summer of 2017, I joined Compass.

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I’ve completed the gamut of possible tasks in real estate. They ranged from licking and stuffing 3500 envelopes in two days, door knocking, assisting in transaction management, rolling up my sleeves and helping clients move, personally painting a patio for a lender required repair, completing thousands of hours of sales calls, taking part in countless presentations, and I even flew over seas to complete a transaction and meet a client.

After 15 years of success, my top three takeaways are as follows:

1) Remain a resource. This entails staying in touch, and providing useful and actionable information to anyone in my network who wants to hear from me. Working with people that know, love and trust you is what I enjoy most about this business. For this reason, helping my clients grow and create wealth is a privilege I don’t take for granted. Over 90% of my yearly business since 2012 has either been repeat or direct referrals. I’m grateful to have a strong network of supporters who call me first when they have a real estate need.

2) There is no such thing as sales. My clients need advice or help with strategy. Most if not all of my clients make the decision to buy or sell real estate long before dialing my number or sending me a message. I approach every interaction with a no pitch, no script, no tactic , no pressure mind set or hidden agenda. My only goal is to ask questions, listen, educate where I can, and provide the expertise to help my clients win.

3) Either your commitment level certifies you as an expert or you’re merely interested and treading water. Beyond strong work ethic, discipline, & enthusiasm there has to be a true passion to learn, serve others, and the competitiveness to stay ahead of the curve. From income property to negotiation seminars, finance and investment classes, construction and repair cost training, and even following or subscribing via newsletter or podcast to thought leaders in this industry - I want to know anything and everything about real estate so I can be an agent of change and lead trends vs. following them.

When I’m not serving clients, I’m serving my son. I’m a proud dad and recreational hockey player. My four year old loves world war two fighter planes, aircraft carriers, and submarines. Did you know there are 34 aerospace and airplane museums in California? We’ve toured 11 so far.

I’m also passionate about the newest technology currently in development, specifically nano-robotics, fiber optics, personal computing , 3-D printing and fuel cells. I also enjoy staying up to date on todays economic trends. Some of my favorite publications include the Economist, Wired, American Scientist, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, and T3.