Down-Sizing? How About Right-Sizing?


The moment when you adapt
your home to changing needs

We often hear of people 'down-sizing', selling their large home for a smaller one, often because the owners become empty-nesters. But down-sizing has a negative ring to it and could be viewed by some as somewhat depressing or regressive.

Several of our wealthier clients sell very large homes and buy two smaller ones, possibly in two different states and climate zones. That moment should be one of celebration. That is not a backward move and it should be phrased as a positive advancement and improvement of their lives. We constantly hear of super-wealthy homeowners seeking smaller, more manageable homes not for a lack of money, but more because they dream of a simpler life…..including a life where they are not managing a manager and staff to take care of a large property with its numerous maintenance needs.

Even many amongst the wealthiest audience today are seeking homes that are sized more in keeping with their lifestyle, not pretending anymore to be royalty which seems rather old-fashioned. The status of scale alone is changing. I had clients sell their large townhouse because each of their four kids who had a large bedroom assigned to them felt intimidated by the grand scale and congregated into one bedroom. Right-sizing is not just for those whose head-count is diminishing. Just because you don’t need 5 bedrooms anymore should not mean your life is drawing to a close! Connecting the correctly scaled property to your clients is a key component of what agents do every day. Most moves should be viewed (and phrased) as joyous occasions in the sequence of life. We all live a series of phases in our lives and each one should be celebrated and enjoyed thoroughly.