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Listing with Compass Provides Sellers The Highest Amount Of Exposure Through the Internal Agent Network.

Compass properties are sent out via e-mail, which exposes them to 8,000+ real estate professionals around the country, and often the e-mail – and listings – are forwarded to others. The other day I heard how this e-mail landed in the hands of a prospective buyer who ended up buying a fabulous property in Soho and another in West Hollywood. It works. This is just one public relations/marketing opportunity we have at Compass. There are others.

Yesterday I spent some time with a journalist from a major international media publication. I asked her what we could do as a company to improve from her perspective: her answer was simple and worth repeating. Whenever you have a spectacular property that you are about to list, you should let either your manager or regional PR Lead know about it ASAP. But you must make this known BEFORE it is exposed to the outside world through the search engines, MLS systems or aggregators. The more time you allow before it is listed, the better chance you have for placement.

While we could hound our public relations team to generate public relations for listings (and they do a spectacular job of securing an extraordinary volume of exposure for Compass), it’s up to us the agents, along with the sellers help, to properly prepare, stage, update, landscape and clean the property – early, well before it goes live on the MLS. Property photos are a major key to property traffic during the listing launch and first few open houses. The more spectacular, the better your chances. And of course, the press loves NAMES….the more well known the better. Some owners don’t want this publicity, but it would be wise to let them know their identity may be revealed regardless, so why not use it purposefully up front and control the placement in the media.

One exposure in a major publication can lead to many more re-posts on blogs and other media outlets. I recall one placement of a movie star’s apartment that generated roughly 30 additional articles. Public Relations works. But it requires some work on behalf of the seller and the agents messaging EARLY. Coming soon campaigns are an important part of this process. PR is never guaranteed, but you will never know unless you try.

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