Best Month To Sell Your Home


Home sales peak across the nation
in the month of June

In the last week of June alone, residential real estate transactions are 40 percent higher than the average throughout the year.

The numbers vary slightly regionally, but this makes sense—weather is a significant factor as well. Regardless, late spring and early summer are the most popular times to buy, sell, and move.

But that information alone isn’t specific enough to inform homeowners when precisely is the best time to list their homes. Thankfully, our data holds the key. Through analysis of web traffic over a two-year span, we showed that homes listed in the last week of March sold the fastest and for the most money. Interestingly, this period comes before the peak in online real-estate agent contacts, and after the peak in newly listed homes. Due to the unique timing, the homes listed during te last week of March had the advantage of appearing at the very top of search results for prospective buyers who searched by listing date.

Not only did sellers who listed at the end of March sell faster than the average, they sold for over 2% more than the average listing—that translates into a premium worth over $4,000 over the estimated value!

There are regional fluctuations to these numbers, as previously mentioned. But a solid rule of thumb for those listing their homes is to list after the first major influx of new listings for the year. Monitor the market in your own area going on the as the initial burst of listings grow, and list yours as the quantity of new listings begins to taper off.