Trust Triumphs


Trust will become the most
valuable asset we all
will possess

My role as a real estate professional and agent will be evolving over the coming years. The one thing I treasure, nurture and build more than anything else - more than my social media following, personal network, and group of friends or my team is -- trust. Trust will become the most valuable asset we all will possess, if it isn’t already

Trust is nothing new. Trust is earned over time. Often it takes a long time to earn that trust. Unfortunately, it can take a split second to lose that trust, and getting it back is often impossible, no matter how hard you may try. No matter how hard you may deserve it. Here are my TOP 10 trust-builders:

1. Honesty. You either are honest or you are not. Honesty is not grey. Tell the truth, always.

 2. Reliability. Trust is earned by doing as you say you will do. By keeping promises. Sticking to agenda’s and plans. Doing as you say you will do.

 3. Over-deliver: Under-promising and over-delivering is certain to build more trust than the opposite. Too many agents promise too much, often more than is reality. These fantasies sound wonderful and can seduce even the most skeptical. When those promises fail to come to fruition, irreparable damage may occur.

 4. Communicate thoroughly. Communicate the good, the bad and the ugly, honestly, based on fact, not assumption. Do so with kindness and empathy. Do so thoroughly and in detail.

 5. Acknowledge lack of knowledge: Guessing answers is dangerous. If your answer is wrong, you are certain to lose trust. It is OK to not to know everything. It is not OK to not have the resources to be able to figure it out and return with the correct answer.


6. Consistency. Consistency breeds trust. It demonstrates reliability. Actions always speak louder than words or promises.

7. Respect. Be respectful of other’s and their time. Show courtesy and empathy. Have good manners. Communicate your appreciation boldly and regularly.

8. Share credit. Chances are what you have accomplished was not done alone, and its wisest (and honest) to acknowledge and credit those that have helped as a priority. Doing so demonstrates maturity, humility and strength, not weakness.

9. Rapid-response-time. In our 365-24-7 instant-gratification world, fast (accurate) responses matter. Even if you don’t have the answer, a rapid acknowledgment of the request is essential to building trust.

10. Be genuine: Most humans quickly pick up rather quickly on fake sincerity, enthusiasm or love.

As we enter a new era of brokerage, TRUST will matter more than anything. It will define you as a reliable resource – not just for brokerage services – or not. Start working on this today – and every day – it is certain you will be handsomely rewarded.