Instagram Marketing

Instagram is certainly not the be-all and end-all of marketing, but it does remind us just how important the image is when it comes to experiential marketing. Many travelers now are obsessed with traveling to places that allow them to take impressive, captivating, beautiful pictures to post on their Instagram accounts.

Some do it, of course, to fuel their ego's and stature in virtual society, while others have simply become acutely aware of the delights of beautiful visuals. We should take note.

These days the image drives so very much of all our marketing. Do you have MULTIPLE images that would make for a captivating Instagram post? If not, you need to focus on this. Not because Instagram is your only avenue for marketing, but the need for captivating “instagrammable” images serves as a reminder of how the eye of the consumer is changing.

In the bad old days, most real estate marketing was driven by words, usually terribly abbreviated. Today real estate marketing is driven by images. And that image has to capture the attention or emotions of its viewer (and potential buyer/renter) almost instantly and broadcast the essence of what you are seling.

So when you are photographing your next listing, spend some extra time REALLY focused on the many images you can capture within the property that instantly message what you are selling. Do your images message the TOP 5-10 selling features of the property? If you 'think Instagram,' chances are you will get it right. There is no more powerful marketing than an image that speaks a thousand words of what it is you are trying to message.....along with your name attached to it.

Have a phenomenal day!

Robert Rodriguez