Looking Back


Rearview Mirror

Lessons in Real Estate


We all are equipped with a rearview mirror that allows us to look behind us to the past to see what has transpired, what we have accomplished, failed at, promised, and said or done in the past. This mirror can teach us so much and help us all grow in all areas of our personal and professional lives to learn from past successes and mistakes.

Here are some examples: 

1. What promises have you made in the past and did you keep them? 

2. When did you have the most fun? What delivered the best results? 

3. In the deals you have done, which were the most satisfying and why? 

4. In deals that fell apart, what might you have done differently? 

5. How kindly/unkindly did you speak to someone? How do you treat others? Have you heard yourself speak? Have you read what you write? 

6. How helpful was someone to get you where you are today and is your gratitude appropriate still today? 

7. Did you return a favor to someone who was good to you once before? 

8. Did you show/demonstrate sincere gratitude? Are you genuine? 

9. Do you always look in the rearview mirror and dwell on the past or do you use this insight to create a better future? 

10. Do you remember where you started and how far you have come? Reminding yourself can be the ultimate proof of your capacity to grow and improve.. 

11. If you smoke, do you look behind you to see who is inhaling the smoke you create? When you drink excessively, do you consider how this impacts those around you? 

12. How wide is your rearview mirror: are you truly seeing EVERYTHING or are you being selective? The more accurate and complete your inventory, the better equipped you will be to learn from the past. 

13. Do you forget certain elements of your past or do you forget them purposefully because you cannot acknowledge them? Ignoring past realities could lead you to repeat mistakes, or lead a delusional life. 

14. When looking in the rearview mirror are you too harsh? Do you allow yourself to be human?

15. Even with a clear vision of the past, do you keep repeating your mis-steps and poor decisions? Why? What might it take to change?  The divine beauty of a rearview mirror is that it allows us to move forward with better knowledge and a new, clean slate .....daily. It also allows us to correct and 'fix' some mistakes and omissions of the past. A rearview mirror is about history, and most of that which has happened in the past cannot be changed. However, with this knowledge of the past lies superb opportunity to be better, kinder and more successful in the future.

ryan bettencourtLACMA