The Role of the Buyer’s Agent


The buyer’s agent should always be actively searching for your dream home

The Role of the Buyer’s Agent

Buying a property is a big step for anyone and therefore the agent has a huge role to play; of course, they have to help you to become a happy home owner but are you aware of what else? Are you fully aware of the service you should receive?

Extensive Research

The first job for any buyer’s agent is to check the property over extensively whilst looking out for anything that would result in a poor investment; the last thing you want after moving in is a big leak or to find that the bills are significantly larger than you were expecting. The buyer’s agent is supposed to make your search easier, not harder.


Neighborhood Knowledge

The next step would be to conduct research on the neighborhood and how they apply to your situation. For example, you would want to know how far the local shops are, what the crime rate for the area is, how near the local transport is and where it went, how close the local schools are, and more.

Useful Searching

The introduction of the internet has dramatically changed the world and this includes the role of the buyer’s agent. Before, they would be solely responsible for finding the right house but now, a simple search online brings up a list of all the houses for sale in the area. However, this doesn’t make this part of their job completely redundant.

The internet isn’t always reliable and the filters in a search engine may exclude your dream house without you realizing so they should still get to know your criteria and search for houses that fit the bill. Your criteria could change, houses may change price, and you may simply miss some houses, the buyer’s agent should always be actively searching for your dream home.


If you go into a negotiation with no experience and no real knowledge of the market, you could end up with the worst rates going. For this reason, the experience of an agent can be extremely useful. They will quickly compare the rates of two properties and two areas so you can be guaranteed the best possible deal wherever you choose to go.

These are the main four jobs but the list goes on; reduces the risk of nasty costs in the process, can find homes that have potential with a little work, can find you good lawyers and lenders, can also provide you with contacts after purchase. With this in mind, it seems as though any buyer’s agent will do the trick but you have to be careful.

The role of an agent really can change how much you spend both in the initial outset plus any repairs that didn’t get picked up; it can also affect what neighborhood you end up in. If there is a lack of research, you could end up in a house, street, or neighborhood that you don’t feel comfortable with. Finally, you could also end up losing money if you are unaware of building plans right across the street; a good agent will know this and will warn you about the plans and potential dip in price.