9 Mobile Apps L.A Home Buyers Should Use


The APPs and sites I recommend to out of state family & friends

If you're thinking about or are in the process of buying real estate in Los Angeles, you should have, at the ready, the below 9 mobile APPS and sites in your phone or saved as a favorite on your computer or mobile browser.

The nine APPs and sites I listed below are what I actively use and always recommend to out of state family and friends.

1) Notes App. Your native note-taking app on your phone or Evernote are both great options. It’s crucial to take detailed notes after you tour every listing. Either your agent can do it, if you share a notes system or if you collaborate through shared search technology, like our proprietary Compass APP and backend.

What notes will you be taking? The link below provides a checklist of 17 Key items you should ask or try to determine with every propeyou see see and consider a viable option to buy.

2) LADBS. This is the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety’s native mobile APP. You can quickly search a listing and see if any permits were pulled on recent or older work, if there are existing permit or property violations, or if there are any pending items that are still outstanding with the city.

**PRO TIP** The records are not always accurate online, they are most of the time, but not 100% of the time. Therefore, during the escrow process we will recommend two or three different service providers that can pull all of the records for you, in case they aren’t accurate online, or guide you to one of the LADBS locations so you can pull them yourself.

3) Magic Plan. This apps allows you to create floor plans and measure distances. If you’ve found the one, I highly suggest using this app to find out if a bedroom will fit a queen or king size bed or if your couch will fit in your potential new living room.

4) Zillow Mortgage. Currently, outside of the Compass APP, this my favorite mortgage calculator. It includes, in every payment calculation, the property taxes, home insurance, private mortgage insurance (if you put less than 20% down), principle, and interest in every calculation. Are you lowering or increasing your price range and need to see what the new payment will be? Download this free app ASAP.

5) Mapping LA by the LA Times. Ok, so this isn’t an APP, but easily accessible via any internet browser. Save it as a favorite or take a look at the areas you’re considering in this site. It provides lots of useful and relevant information regarding demographics, area boundaries, schools, and crimes.


6) CrimeMapping. You can either download the APP or go to their site. Crimemapping.com. The LAPD uses their site and uploads relevant and recent reports. You can also visit the LAPD site:


7) Parking APPS – INRIX ParkME & Polist Assist. We all know parking in LA can be a pain. These two apps hope to provide a solution to that problem. INRIX provides you with the larger parking structures or the free ones. Polist provides information regarding the metered ones.

8) Compass Market Apps. Are you a hardcore analytical? Maybe you’re an accountant or statistician by trade? Well, this is the app you’ve been dreaming of.

If you’ve ever had any questions about which market is trending up, down, or steady. You can run an instant analysis on almost all Los Angeles areas and filter by bedroom count, price range, property type and much more. The APP provides insight on all of the recent Los Angeles transaction data as well as historic price trends.

Below are a few screenshots of the app’s interface.


9) Compass Search App.

Currently, Compass, in my opinion, is the gold standard for search because of the user interface, the ability to collaborate with a professional on EVERY listing you like, and the perfectly balanced mix of hybrid real estate brokerage and technology company. It’s the first real estate technology company designed to combine high tech and real estate, with no intention of replacing the essential human element of a real estate transaction. Compass is also the fastest privately growing brokerage in the country. They are recruiting the most talented agents in the industry and empowering them with time-saving tools to advise their clients, and technology and data that infuses accuracy and speed and provides actionable information for home buyers and sellers. The focus is always the consumer.

The Compass eco-system includes top talent from within and outside the real estate industry including Google, Twitter, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs, and Facebook.

I know I work for Compass and may have a bias, but if it wasn’t the most efficient and easy to use platform – then I’d either be using a competitors service or would have purchased my own off the shelf solution. In fact, I no longer use my local MLS service, unless I need to input a listing. I’m huge on real estate technology being intuitive, with beautiful design, easy to read and use, and that it carries with it a low amount of clicks or actions in order to complete a task.

Why does Compass feature a top engineering staff, while most brokerages outsource or purchase off the shelf technology?

Compass is now a startup valued at over 4B, which has raised over 1.2 Billion in investor funds from companies like Soft Bank, Fidelity, IVP, and Wellington. The aim is to create the best technology, not only for the consumer, but to also pair it with the best agents.

The search experience with our app, in my opinion, is second to none; you can create collections (like Pinterest boards), favorite your top properties, click “not interested” on ones you don’t like, calculate a mortgage directly from the app, take notes on each home, and collaborate with your agent.

The interface for the consumer whether it’s a buyer, seller, investor or renter features the ability to save and alter searches with or without your agent, share key market insights and reports with a few clicks, and move the process from buying to search to escrow or for sellers from pricing consideration and market analysis to pre-listing, to active listing, to escrow and closing. Again, this all just getting started.

Want to search together? Or need me to set up home tours for your favorite properties? Simply download the app and add me as your preferred agent, and you’re set.