Why I Choose to Join Compass

A new direction 
in real estate.


The real estate industry is a $217 trillion-plus global asset class, yet it has been largely untouched by technology. Buying and selling decisions are among the most important a person can make in life, but today, the majority of those decisions are based on gut instincts or outdated information. At Compass, we believe that agents—and their clients—deserve better.

By combining the solutions-driven mindset of a startup and the sophistication of a luxury brand, we’re building the operating system for real estate. We empower agents from start to finish by developing innovative digital tools and customized marketing strategies. Why? Because we know that when agents can spend more time building relationships with clients, everyone wins.

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Support & Concierge

In-house resources for every need

Our internal teams absorb and streamline day-to-day operational activities, allowing you to spend more time advising clients and pitching prospective buyers. With the launch of the Agent Betterment Fund, all Compass agents are eligible to receive interest-free loans from the company, which can be invested in:

  • Business and real estate coaching

  • Hiring new team members

  • Education

  • Lead generation

  • Staging

  • Client engagement

With the Concierge program, Compass will cover the upfront costs of select services you recommend to increase a listing’s selling price. From deep-cleaning to cosmetic renovations, we’ll empower you to better advise your clients and maximize their home’s potential on the market.

Services include:

  • staging

  • deep-cleaning

  • organizing

  • cosmetic renovations

  • decluttering

  • landscaping

  • painting

They offer personalized concierge and IT assistance.

From in-office seminars to cross-country referral events, our events team is committed to helping Compass agents stay knowledgeable and interconnected.

Business, Operations, People & Culture

Compass empowers agents with full-service operational, IT, business intelligence, and administrative support, from transaction coordinators to product experts. Hailing from respected institutions across every area of business, entertainment, and innovation, here’s a look at where our 920+ support staff comes from.



A full-service, in-house agency

Hailing from the worlds of art, media, interiors, and advertising, the marketing and design team at Compass will expertly craft the narrative and visuals around you, your clients, and your exclusives.

Everything you need
to elevate your image

Working with dedicated marketing strategists, you'll target the right audience using the most effective channels to tell the right story. Our dedicated social media and PR teams further broadcast your listing to potential buyers in creative, timely ways.

The real estate sign, reimagined

Using the Compass Real Estate app, our agents can program this proprietary smart sign from the palm of their hand. The ultimate transaction resource, it allows all who encounter it to access property images and neighborhood details via a QR code, and in turn relays invaluable insights regarding prospective buyers to the agent and their seller.

Learn more at sign.compass.com

Video production

Our dynamic videos are designed to elicit and broadcast the best of each listing and allow prospective buyers an unprecedented glimpse of each property.

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An effective suite of tools

The analytics and marketing technology helps agents optimize the workday, price properties more accurately, and determine the best time to list. Additionally, our digital suite connects our agents to a global network of elite professionals, in order to reach prospective buyers wherever they live.

Compass Collections

Called the Pinterest of real estate, this curated visual workspace allows agents and clients to collaborate in real time. You can easily organize homes, centralize your discussions, and monitor the market by receiving immediate status and price updates.

Compass Insights

This personalized dashboard contains all the key data points you need to craft a winning marketing strategy around audience and traffic information, uncover new lead-generation opportunities, and invest accordingly in the positioning of your listing.

Marketing Center

Our digital design studio features a library of sophisticated designs so that Compass agents can effortlessly customize beautiful print and social collateral with just a few clicks.

Compass Markets

Compass Markets for iOS is the first mobile app that puts real-time residential real estate data at your fingertips. Instantly access the most recent transaction data as well as historic sales trends.

Compass CRM

Compass CRM is a customer relationship management platform that empowers agents to nurture relationships, close more sales, and stay one step ahead with insights powered by artificial intelligence.

Engineering & Product

Compass brings together engineers, developers, product managers, UX designers, and data scientists from across the tech industry. Before joining Compass, the 160+ members of our Engineering and Product Teams helped build innovative tools, experiences, and platforms at the following companies.