Architecture Vs. Interior Design

Interior design is critically important and can add tremendous value to any home. Not only does it deliver structure and aesthetics, it also defines the scale and proportions of the rooms we live in. However, the architecture of a home requires careful three dimensional consideration on how the interior spaces function for those who live in these spaces. Often this doesn’t happen.

The exquisite architecture of a home or building is a gift to those who live inside, but it is often even more of a gift to those outside looking at these buildings in their neighborhood. We should never forget who is paying for these homes: everyone lives mostly INSIDE their home looking out, so the interior design is as important - if not more important - to those buying and paying for these properties.

I have often found architects are not as good at interior design and visa versa. Sometimes it is a good idea to have both, working in unison. Some architects fail to recognize the many practical considerations required for good interior design and functionality. Museums and institutional buildings often have the luxury of more space: this allows architects to focus more on the sculptural qualities of a structure. Homes are different.

Robert Rodriguez