Buyer closing cost calculator

use this link to obtain a rough estimate on the amount you will pay in closing costs for your home purchase.

seller estimated closing costs calculator

click here to estimate your approximate closing costs if you plan to sell in the near future

Rental application for potential home renters

click here if you’ve toured a rental I have listed and would like to submit a rental application to lease it.

how a probate sale works in los angeles real estate

click here if you need more information on the process and general outline of how a probate sale unfolds in Los Angeles


Revocable living trust

if your interested in structuring your assets in a trust, in case you pass, so your heirs avoid probate court click here

E-guide to buying investment property

click here if you’re interested in buying an investment property and need generic and educational information.

An introduction into the 1031 exchange

if you own an investment property and are considering transferring your equity into another investment property you should read this article

Proposition 13 - California tax reform

Prior to Proposition 13, the property tax rate throughout California averaged a little less than 3% of market value. Additionally, there were no limits on increases for the tax rate or on individual ad valorem charges. Some properties were reassessed 50% to 100% in just one year and their owners’ property tax bills increased accordingly.

How to rent a home in los angeles

there is no central database with all of the rental listing in LA - they are fragmented across many platforms - click here to read how to search and succeed in leasing your LA home or apt.

proposition 60 & 90

Do you own a home in which you are reluctant to sell it due to the concern that you will lose your prop 13 tax benefits?

If so, you might qualify under prop 60 or 90 to transfer your base year value from your current home to the replacement property.

our collection of videos

we’ve completed a long list of videos for our past listings - click here to see a few of them