Consistency and Exposure in Real Estate Marketing


We should never underestimate
that ‘hidden’ buyer or renter

If you want an almost certain guarantee of success when marketing real estate there are two areas that you should focus on most: reach and frequency


While some say focusing on and targeting just those consumers that are truly applicable to your product is more effective, and this may be so for certain types of property, we should never underestimate that ‘hidden’ buyer or renter. Reaching those that are your most captive audience is always wisest. Yet in real estate things are different: often a message about a property triggers a need, not visa versa, although that is more common. Often someone not looking for something sees something and tells someone who is looking for that what they saw. If you are truly reaching your consumer with the product they are looking for, chances are you will find your buyer or renter. With to-days spectacular volume of data about consumer habits and what they are looking for when your ability to target is much greater. Yet the exact accuracy of this has not been proven, and often while you may reach part of this audience it is not certain you will reach all of them. For this reason, multiple methods of reaching your audience is necessary: digital, print, social, direct mail, phone, public relations, etc should all be incorporated into an effective marketing strategy that effectively reaches your target audience. One of the biggest errors agents make is underestimating the power of messaging their product to the brokerage community who not only is responsible for bringing in the most qualified prospects but are also responsible for producing the vast majority of real buyers….and in some areas renters too.


In a global market with consumers that are bombarded with messaging 365-24-7 whether its news, advertising, pop culture or social media, reaching your appropriate audience is key…..and doing so frequently and regularly. Consumers and agents need to be reminded of what you are marketing….again and again, without becoming too annoying. Frequency and regularity breed familiarity and ‘top-of-mind’. The key is to keep the message clear and concise, mostly focused on imagery. The message should be consistent, yet its wise to shake things up every now and then and offer differing perspectives of the same product. Don’t use just one medium to drive this frequency: seeing the similar or same message from different sources often triggers greater awareness.

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